What we Think (philosophy)

We believe in the research and development of solutions to solve the problems
of our customers.

We try to make products that the market does not have yet, services that our customers
need but have never been able to find.
To do this, we look for passion, the passion in the people that work for us.

We believe in people and in their work, often in close contact with machinery.
We believe that people should work the machinery, not the other way round.

(*) a modern company in respect of traditions...
Pasticceria Quadrifoglio ha ottenuto varie certificazioni che testimoniano la cura attenta per la qualità in ogni fase del processo produttivo.
Oltre ad essere un'azienda certificata secondo gli standard ISO 9001 e con attestato HACCP, Pasticceria Quadrifoglio sta ottenendo regolarmente le certificazioni alimentari IFS e BRC.