What we like to do (how we do things)

We believe that we must start from the raw material to get to the finished dessert.
So we make the cream puffs, the sponge cake, the sweet pastry, the puff pastry. We don’t buy products which are ready made. Recipes that are all interlinked and which need small
improvements every day. Taking care of the details with a smile.

For 35 years we have been pursuing the search for the best raw materials and the continuous improvement of the production processes, maintaining a positive working environment which is dynamic as well as stimulating.
The strong link with tradition is the one that we decided to build on.

We listen to the requirements of our new consumers, we believe in new products and in the needs of customers.
Flexibility and the propensity to create new markets are the great strength of the company, which has always deserved the confidence of the market, the passionate loyalty of our workers and the respect of our competitors.

(*) a modern company in respect of traditions...
Pasticceria Quadrifoglio ha ottenuto varie certificazioni che testimoniano la cura attenta per la qualità in ogni fase del processo produttivo.
Oltre ad essere un'azienda certificata secondo gli standard ISO 9001 e con attestato HACCP, Pasticceria Quadrifoglio sta ottenendo regolarmente le certificazioni alimentari IFS e BRC.