For the “haute patisserie” we also have new shapes and flavours.
For “traditional pastries” we offer simple forms and generous portions, doing our best to give our customers the best "homemade" dessert which will attract the attention of all YOUR customers.
  • Our Slices
    • Bavarese al mascarpone
    • Delizia di mandorle
    • Dolce salame
    • Panna cotta ai lamponi
    • Semifreddo estate
    • Semifreddo mascarpone
    • Stracchino duchessa trancio
    • Tiramis
    • Trancio della nonna
  • Tiramis
  • Trancio della nonna
  • Trancio meringa
  • Trancio millefoglie
  • Trancio saint honor
  • Trancio selva
  • Tronchetto nocciola
  • Zuppa inglese
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The Pasticceria Quadrifoglio S. r.l. was founded in 1979 as an artisan, in time, the company has developed radically changing the corporate Mission, directing it exclusively to the production and sale of desserts for the food & beverage, precisely in the context of this continuous search of products to suit new needs of the channel Catering, They were born the lines of sorbet ready to drink to mark Sorbissimo ® and Sorbfruit®.