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We’re at your disposal. Always.

We believe that service is as important as the product itself. From the smallest restaurant to the largest wholesaler or supermarket chain, we try to take care of everyone in person.
We’re at your disposal. Always.
We produce bespoke products for our customers, and design them together, even if the batch is small.


Because we’re based on the work of people who use machines. Not the other way round.


Chi siamo servizio EN

Since 1978 – we’ve supported the Italian restaurant trade, which really cares about and demands product quality.
And we know what quality looks like.

Since 2005 – we develop the capacity to meet the demands of the giant supermarket chains.
Service is as essential as the product.

Since 2015 – we start working with major restaurant chains: the perfect combination of quality and service.
Made-to-measure products for bespoke pastry and desserts.

We know that everything revolves around research and the development of solutions that can solve our clients’ problems.

A few years ago we decided to do the opposite.
Our ideas also come from our research lab, arising from the demands of the market, which translate into requests from our clients.