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Mia Pasticceria

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What is it

A range of chilled patisserie for the self-service counter, with exquisite flavour and an artisan touch.

The idea

“It must be a dessert to impress!” Consumers are increasingly focused on quality, and we seek to offer a genuine patisserie product in the supermarket.

Our proposal

Our pastry chef worked hard to develop a product with the perfect balance between creaminess, crunch, flavour and a hand-made finish! The result is MIA PASTICCERIA

Just like Sorbissimo, the Mia Pasticceria product line is the result of an intuition. Consumers are accustomed to thinking that pastry products bought at the supermarket are low-quality and only suitable for rapid consumption. We decided to challenge the market by producing a balanced dessert that was creamy, crunchy and finished by hand. But not for the cake shop, for the supermarket!
Our pastry know-how goes back a long time, to 1978. We supply desserts to more than 15,000 restaurants around the world, exacting clients who always push us to create increasingly delicious products.

MIA PASTICCERIA is a genuine chilled patisserie line for the self-service counter.