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What is it

Sorbet is the most commonly chosen dessert in restaurants, because it is suitable for everyone.

The idea

A product that’s ready to use and practical to serve
All the flavour of sorbet with a creamy texture
The satisfaction of sweetness to end a meal

Our proposal

Pasticceria Quadrifoglio was the first firm to bring sorbet into the home: a stable product that keeps in the fridge for more than 70 days without the need for preservatives.

Pasticceria Quadrifoglio was the first firm to bring sorbet into the home.

Professionals used to defrost ice cream, stir it with a fork to melt it a little, then serve it in a flute or a glass.

Our innovation led to the development of a product that remains stable in the fridge for more than 70 days without the use of preservatives.

Our sorbet know-how is unparalleled in Italy and the world.

Pasticceria Quadrifoglio is a market leader in the ready-to-drink sorbets market, in both retail and food service segments, both chilled (+4°C) and frozen (-20°C).

Sorbet is a genuine dessert, fresh and easy to eat: a product that’s practical, appetising and innovative to serve alongside traditional desserts.
The trend of drinkable desserts is growing, and not only at the end of a dinner with friends or family, but also as a daytime treat at the office or at home: a new and speedy snack.

Don’t forget to always serve your sorbet NICE AND COLD! 
The lower the temperature, the more the flavour and texture stand out.

a fianco del consumo a casa


Our drinkable sorbet is the perfect solution for any big occasion: you’ll find us in most Italian retail chains, and if you search on you can find out where to find our sorbets, or email us at, or even give us a call (+39 059931794)!

We’ve explored various recipes, for use both in sorbet machines and to serve directly from the bottle. Temperature is crucial, so we always recommend using a sorbet machine to serve a dessert that has the perfect consistency and is wonderfully cold. However, our product remains the only (and excellent!) alternative to complex machines: just open the bottle and serve, at the table or the counter! Our ready-to-use sorbet is the answer if you don’t want to defrost ice cream and mix it with a fork to melt it enough to serve in a glass or a flute…with SORBISSIMO all that is ancient history!