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We have been present in the chilled mass distribution sector for 25 years
Our first fresh product: Sorbissimo lemon taste in 1995
Now we are present with 4 different lines of products

Pasticceria Quadrifoglio offers 4 lines of desserts on the chilled desserts market:

Mia Pasticceria Dessert
Mia Pasticceria Piping Bag
Mia Pasticceria Chocolate Salami
Each of our 4 families of chilled desserts was a major innovation for the entire market segment, creating gaps where none existed before. Introducing new products always requires enormous effort, but if the concept works, each new idea brings great satisfaction and considerable concrete rewards.


Retail fresco storia


Pasticceria Quadrifoglio launched on the chilled foods market in 1995, when an idea that began in the food service sector began to attract attention in cash & carry outlets. Soon after this, the aim was to take an idea that was working in restaurants into consumers’ homes: a ready-to-use DRINKABLE sorbet, eliminating the need to melt ice cream or freeze a powdered mixture with water.

The chilled foods sector became a major market for our firm, initially distributed through food service providers and cash & carries and then thanks to the launch in supermarket chains.
2003 saw another traditional Italian recipe on the shelves: chocolate salami.
In 2015 we began producing high-quality chilled desserts, in a sector where until then there had been only two types of product: budino and traditional desserts.

The same year saw another major innovation: a chilled crème patissière in a piping bag, ready to be used to decorate or fill pastry dishes and following the trend of imaginative home cooking!


You’ll find our products in numerous supermarket chains, and they are also distributed via a widespread network of wholesalers. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly or consult the product websites to find out where we are Sorbissimo – Mia Pasticceria