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5 desserts most loved in the world!

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Our beautiful country is famous all over the world for variety and goodness of confectionery products, today we will discover which are the 5 most popular desserts  around the world.

1) Tiramisù

Dessert with uncertain origins, it’s often attributed to Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto, dessert composed of Savoiards soaked in coffee and covered with mascarpone cream, eggs and sugar. The dusting of bitter cocoa is an unmistakable touch.

2) Cooked cream

Classic Italian pudding widely spread and appreciated in Italy, it’s famous for great versatility with which it can be served, from the variant to chocolate sauce, berries and caramel. It consists of cream, sugar, milk and finally fish glue which can be replaced by egg white as a thickener.

3) Ice cream

One of the most consumed desserts in the summer, it’s made by fresh raw materials ranging from classic flavors such as chocolate and creams and fruit flavors such as strawberry and peach ; there are more special flavors such as pistachio kiss or mango mandarin and cinnamon.

4) English soup

Let us not be fooled by the name of this delicious sweet, has Italian origins precisely from Emilia Romagna although widespread in many other regions of Italy. Sweet sponge cake soaked in the famous red liqueur Alchermes and custard.

5) Sicilian Cassate

The Sicilian confectionery is one of the most famous and appreciated in the world, together with the Sicilian cannolo, cassata is one of the most loved desserts. Sweet made with sweetened ricotta cheese better than sheep, sponge cake, royal pasta and candied fruit.

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