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‘Mia’ zuppa inglese

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Zuppa inglese is the classic spoon dessert with sponge fingers soaked in Alchermes and layers of custard and chocolate.

It is a dessert known all over the world and it seems its origins date back to the 1500s; since then, chefs have come up with numerous versions. We offer you our own recipe and, thanks to ‘Mia Pasticceria’, trying to prepare Zuppa inglese at home has never been so easy!
Take some cups of the capacity of about 200 ml and cut the sponge fingers of the size of the cups you chose; in a saucepan, make a syrup by melting the sugar in the water and then add the red Alchermes, then let it cool down. Once cold, soak the sponge fingers in the bath and place on the bottom of each of them the sponge fingers in pieces and soaked in Alchermes. Place a first layer of chocolate cream, then break another sponge finger, dip it in the liqueur, and place it over the cream. Distribute a second layer of Mia custard and, finally, create a large puff of cocoa cream on the top of each cup.
Use the remaining sponge fingers to decorate the cups of Zuppa inglese, by breaking them, putting them in the Alchermes, and gracefully placing them around.

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