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Summer comes: it’s lemons time!

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When summer comes the lemon season opens, a fruit with particular yellow colour; it comes in different varieties.

From the Limone di Amalfi with the IGP trademark and with low presence of seeds, to Limone di Sorrento characterized by a particular acid juice, with many essential oils and perfect for the preparation of spirits, up to the Limone Lunario, a very fragrant lemon, with a sweet taste and suitable for decorations.

Lemon is  fruit that contains many properties, one of which is the purifying and detoxifying that helps to eliminate the waste and toxins accumulated in our body.

One of its most important properties is definitely the high antioxidant power given by vitamin C, therefore particularly useful against cellular aging and to prevent damage from free radicals and a valuable aid against premature age of the skin with an anti-aging effect.

Also very useful after the meal thanks to the presence of citric acid to help digestion and assimilate the nutrients present in the food by stimulating the production of bile and gastric juices.

During the winter it’s recommended to protect ourself from the typical illnesses of the winter season thanks to its antiseptic properties helps to disinfect the throat if inflamed and relieve respiratory disorders such as coughing and rheumatism.

Lemon is also an excellent allied in kitchen where it can be combined with many dishes, not least desserts. It’s perfect to match with chocolate, fruit and spices such as cinnamon. In addition, the peel can be used, if edible, to give freshness and flavor in cake.

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