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The perfect sweet table

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Per feste, cerimonie, compleanni un buffet di dolci è sempre cosa gradita

For parties, ceremonies, birthdays is perfect made a beautiful sweet table , the first important step is choose theme and colors that you go to adapt according to the type of party what you want organize.
Sweet table have to about eight different types of desserts so you can satisfy any guest and their tastes; from children to adults with desserts containing alcoholic ingredients.
Some examples to make a perfect buffet table are mini cupcakes, biscuits decorated with sugar paste, chocolates, candies, puffs, chocolate bars and tarts, of course you can’t miss fresh fruit especially for summer buffet and the traditional desserts such as tiramisu, chocolate mousse and English soup.
To help guests understand what they are going to eat, to limit the choice according to their taste and to give refinement to your buffet make small cards with which to create labels to be placed next to your desserts to be recognized, perhaps specifying the ingredients with which they were made to help invited people who have different types of intolerance to choose specific desserts.
The dessert buffet will be even more beautiful if it is enriched with garlands and personalized decorations or with a scenic bouquet of flowers. To further emphasize the table where the desserts will be placed, it is possible to place a colored cloth as the background of the buffet or create a cascade of garlands or hang with the help of a transparent thread of tissue paper poufs that descend asymmetrically on the table.
And here’s how with some simple trick your table will be perfect for a wonderful party with a special and fashionable buffet.