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“Delicious. Lovely design and sophisticated packaging at a competitive price!”
Numerous options: there are more than 20 recipes available, and the choice of several formats in glass or plastic.
A range of certifications: IFS, UTZ, free-range eggs, no palm oil, no E-numbers etc., etc.

A great dessert is made from a perfect balancing of many factors!

A dessert should seduce and stimulate all the senses:

sight, smell, taste and also touch.
Our dessert expert has worked hard to find the perfect balance of creaminess…
with an exquisite finish and a touch of the “hand made”.

dessert freschi immagine generica 300x330 OK

Pasticceria Quadrifoglio seeks above all to create
a chilled dessert that impresses.

Because developing a genuine, delicious dessert and distributing it in supermarkets is a difficult task due to determining factors like shelf life, transport and storage temperature. We worked hard to create a unique dessert in a market segment where it is rare to find products that are meticulously made, hand-finished and produced using traditional pastry-making methods.
Our focus was extreme attention to detail, in both flavour varieties and decoration.
This means every product is slightly different, because “hand-made” often means made better.

dessert freschi consumo casa 300x331


Our desserts are ideal for dinners with family or friends, but also as a small yet memorable treat at the end of the working day.
They are also designed to bring patisserie recipes into the chilled section of the supermarket, with a wonderful balance of different consistencies and enhanced by gorgeous decoration, because the eye needs a treat too!


Our desserts are perhaps the first chilled desserts that are comparable with the fine patisserie dishes typically served in restaurants, but also in bars. The long fridge life allows excellent management of our warehouse, where stock rotation is assured by the recognised quality of the products. Go to the dedicated section to find out more about the possibilities available.



The uniqueness of our chilled desserts may be due to the fact that behind them there’s a real laboratory which has produced desserts for restaurants for many years. Why restaurants? Because restaurants always seek high quality, and often present the dessert as made in-house, but also because they do not always have optimum storage conditions. Working with so many chefs has helped us to improve, and to date, we have always been able to meet their expectations.


Chilled product, sold it chilled | Frozen product, sold it chilled

Suitable for both Retail and Food Service sectors: