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What is it

Everything for desserts in restaurants, designed for specific needs: we make patisserie products and we believe in direct distribution (more than 1000 venues in Emilia-Romagna). Daily contact with restaurateurs increases our knowledge of tendencies and what our clients really need.

The idea

Restaurants need a dessert which they can claim is “home-made”. The opportunity for our pastry chefs is to create something different for every client.

Our proposal

Our focus is on SINGLE PORTIONS and unique desserts, which are incomparable on the market. We finish all our products by hand, using the necessary technology to ensure consistent quality. We believe in the work of people who use machines, not the other way round.


We seek to offer Italian artisan products with unique flavours, and we seek to do this with reliable and attentive service… and at the right price. Frozen patisserie is our most classic product: this is what we started out with, and it’s still giving us inspiration for new ideas and market trends. 
An inexhaustible source of information which we want to continue tapping.



The uniqueness and broad range of our products mean that overlapping is unlikely even in nearby restaurants, as products are distinguished by an artisan, “home-made” style. The suggestions we receive from our clients in the trade are numerous and always relevant, concerning staff training, the importance of the menu and of the balance between tradition, newness and number of products.


Our catalogue of frozen pastries

Products that enhance dessert time with alternatives: this is what we select for our clients with a product range to meet any type of demand.