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1000 direct clients

Direct distribution throughout Emilia Romagna: direct contact with restaurateurs increases our firm’s range.

We focus everything on quality

We focus everything on quality, with a limited range of flavours and formats, chosen after careful market research.

Several types of beautifully decorated single-portions

Several types of beautifully decorated single-portions with innovative flavours.

The world envies Italy the quality of its ice creams and sorbets.

Always linked to classic flavours and artisan tradition, our ice cream is made using top-quality ingredients and traditional ice cream machines.
So much fruit, so much quality, so much attention to the process of maturing and creaming.
Once again for this line of products, we always seek to fulfil every requirement, with more creaminess, more lemony flavours and a particular attention to Sorbets, our favourite subject!

Our focus is on single portions and flexibility: delicious, unique creations, always in line with our clients’ varying needs.


Sorbet is still the most popular product in the majority of our restaurants:
it’s a light dessert, undemanding yet satisfying, as well as refreshing!

Since our first ready-to-drink sorbet in 1993, our research has led us to TWO different types of product, with a fundamental difference:
Liquid sorbet is a product designed to remain liquid for up to 60 days in the fridge;
Our creamed sorbet is made exactly like a gelato, and has a similar consistency.


Liquid sorbet is convenient above all when served from a sorbet machine: its strengths lie in its rapid use and consistent flavour. Liquid sorbet can be used just as it is, poured straight from the bottle into the classic flute and personalised by the addition of Vodka, Prosecco, Limoncello or Grand Marnier. When used in this way, the consistency is very light and drinkable. See our range of ready-to-drink sorbets.

PQ sorbetto gelato da bere liquido


It’s a ready-to-use product, remaining smooth and creamy even straight from the freezer: a solution that’s quick and easy.
When used in a sorbet machine, the result is slightly more effective than the liquid version, but it needs to be completely defrosted before being placed in the machine.
For customers who seek the very best creamy quality.
Serve straight from the freezer or from a sorbet machine. Non-alcoholic.
Designed for prolonged use in a sorbet machine.

PQ sorbetto gelato mantecato


In 1993 Pasticceria Quadrifoglio began to realise that restaurants needed to solve a problem: then, as now, most restaurants had sorbet on their desserts menu, and in the Italian tradition, sorbet is between a food and a drink - the Italian verb sorbire actually means to sip.
Restaurateurs prepared this dessert from ice cream, by allowing it to melt and then whipping it with a fork.
Hence our pastry expert began to search for the perfect recipe for a ready-to-use sorbet, already whipped, chilled, stable and most of all delicious; soon he devised the right recipe and in 1995 Sorbissimo was born: the first ready-to drink sorbet.

pq gelato sorbetto storia


Pasticceria Quadrifoglio’s range of sorbets is the most extensive on the market.
ALL OUR SORBETS ARE READY TO SERVE AS THEY ARE OR FROM A SORBET MACHINE. When prepared in a sorbet machine, all our sorbets increase their volume by 20-25%, becoming smoother, creamier and at the perfect temperature.