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High-quality custards prepared using an artisan pastry recipe.
Easy-to-handle, rigid packaging. Convenient re-closable lid.
Crème Patissière in Vanilla, Chocolate, Tiramisù, Cheesecake and other bespoke flavours.

Preparing Crème Patissière!

We examined one of the most bothersome problems for chefs in the kitchen at home, but also in top restaurants: preparing Crème Patissière!

Crème Patissière is never easy to make: it requires carefully controlled temperatures, constant stirring and precision in both quantities and timing. In short, it’s usually a real challenge to achieve quality results consistently. Everything necessary for the preparation of complicated desserts is available on the market, from ready-made puff or shortcrust pastry to fruit coulis and even elaborate decorations made of chocolate or sugar, but crème patissière was still missing!

We attempted to respond to this gap, and succeeded, even using packaging that perfectly mimics the classic pastry chef’s piping bag. And we’ve added a cap, to make the product easy to use at any time.



Being a chef in your own home has become a necessity, and it entails numerous products and services. Our custard fulfils this role perfectly. It’s designed to amaze your guests with quality and speed, because it’s a velvet-smooth custard that never goes wrong! Just open the bag and let your imagination run free. Go to to find lots of easy and user-friendly recipes.

crema casa 1


Our custard can be distributed either chilled or frozen: in either case the useful thing for professional chefs is our product’s long fridge life! With a life of more than 30 days when refrigerated, it helps with tricky menu planning and eliminates waste. Always ready to use, with the flavour and texture of real “home-made” custard and a long life: now all you need to do is use it in fabulous ways!

Crema servizio prfess


When to use our ready-made Crème Patissière in a piping bag?

Every day we distribute our products directly to more than 1000 restaurants, so we’re fully aware of their emerging needs: restaurants increasingly have to pay attention to plating, avoid throwing away unsold products and customise their service with a “home-made” touch. Professional bar tenders are also looking to differentiate their offer by filling cannoli or croissants on the spot and seeking to improve quality in order to give added value. Suggested uses, then, might be:

  • for creating “home-made” desserts, including to order
  • to decorate the plate and enhance the finished dish
  • as a small free item placed in the centre of the table along with biscotti or cake
  • as a filling and garnish for croissants, brioches, cannoli, doughnuts and krapfen

To make life easier for our customers, we have even developed 4 types of nozzle that can be screwed on to replace the cap, helping with decoration and/or plating.

PQ crema pasticcera per professionisti
PQ crema pasticcera pronta uso

the ready-to-use Crème Patissière piping bag:

the quality of real patisserie with all the advantages of our piping bag.
Our ready-to-use Crème Patissière in a piping bag is our response to the constant growth in the market for cooking products.

PQ crema pasticcera pronta uso2


Chilled product  |  Frozen product

Suitable for both Retail and Food Service sectors: