Single-portions to be served

60806 Mango e Passion
Cod. 60806 | 100g Mango&Passion

Fresh mango mousse with passion fruit sauce heart on a base of fragrant coconut biscuit and decorated with tropical sauce and mango pieces. Gluten free.

60807 Innocente
Cod. 60807 | 110g Innocent

Caramel cheesecake cream covered with a delicious milk-chocolate ganache enriched with pieces of hazelnuts on a base of cornflakes and chocolate. Gluten free.

60808 Choconut
Cod. 60808 | 80g Choconut

A crunchy cocoa and hazelnut biscuit, two layers of chocolate and hazelnut mousse, covered with gianduia icing. Gluten-free, lactose-free.

60809 Tiramis?
Cod. 60809 | 80g Tiramisù

Classic mascarpone cream based on sponge cake soaked in coffee, decorated with bitter cocoa. Gluten-free, lactose-free.

60810 Nocciola
Cod. 60810 | 80g Hazelnut

Tasty hazelnut mousse with chopped decoration and cocoa jelly. Gluten free.

60811 Bownie Caff?
Cod. 60811 | 115g Brownies&coffee

Coffee parfait on soft chocolate brownie and concentrated coffee creamy heart. Gluten free.

60812 Cheesecake ai Frutti di Bosco
Cod. 60812 | 100g Berry cheesecake

Tasty semifreddo with unique notes of cream cheese, with berries icing. Gluten free.

60813 Cioccolato e Lampone
Cod. 60813 | 100g Chocolate&raspberries

Chocolate mousse with raspberry gelè, on cocoa biscuit. Gluten free.

60814 Cocco e Cioccolato
Cod. 60814 | 100g Coconut&chocolate

Coconut biscuit covered with gianduia cream, stuffed with a delicate coconut mousse. Gluten free.

81001 Tortino Selva
Cod. 81001 | 90g Black forest mini-cake

Zabaglione, puff pastry and chocolate sponge cake for a full and intense taste.

81052 Ricotta e pere
Cod. 80004 | 100g Pear ricotta

Cake discs filled with ricotta and chopped pears.

80011 Delizia Limone mono
Cod. 81051 | 100g Lemon delizia

Sponge-cake dome filled and covered with lemon cream.

81101 Babà crema
Cod. 81101 | 150g (filled) -- Cod. 84601 I 150g (plain) Babà

Leavened dough soaked in rum, to be filled or filled with chantilly cream.

81201 zuccotto cioccolato e zabajone
Cod. 81201 | 115g Chocolate zuccotto

Mascarpone mousse on biscuit base covered with zabaglione and filled with a chocolate heart.

81203 Piramide arancio amb
Cod. 81203 | 90g Orange pyramid

Fiordilatte mousse based on crunchy white chocolate filled with a orange-sauce heart.

81206_ricotta e fragoline new
Cod. 81206 | 140g Wild-strawberry ricotta mousse

Cream and ricotta mousse on crunchy biscuit filled with a strawberry heart and decorated with wild strawberries.

81207 Barozzino singolo amb
Cod. 81207 | 130g Barozzino

Mascarpone mousse on a coffee-cake base, a dark chocolate heart and decorated with truffled curls.

81208 Cremino
Cod. 81208 | 120g Cremino

Delicious hazelnut and gianduja mousse, on a crunchy base decorated with chocolate sauce.

81210 Zucc yogurt e lampone
Cod. 81210 | 100g Yogurt and raspberry zuccotto

Yogurt mousse on a crispy biscuit and filled with a raspberry heart.

Cod. 81215 | 100g Three chocolates

On a base of fragrant cocoa biscuit two delicious chocolate mousses: milk- and white-ones, decorated with dark chocolate curls.

81702 Crema Catalana amb
Cod. 81702 | 100g Crème brûlée

Delicious cinnamon-flavored cream, to be flambéed with brown sugar.

Cod. 81707 | 100g Chocolate and pistachio zuccotto

A heart of pistachio cream enclosed in a delicate chocolate mousse covered with dark chocolate and decorated with pistachios.

81708 Zuppa Inglese Zuccotto
Cod. 81708 | 130g Zuppa inglese zuccotto

Custard and chocolate cream, with ladyfingers and sponge cake soaked in alchermes.

81711 Cheesecake lampone
Cod. 81711 | 100g Raspberry cheesecake

Fresh raspberry sauce, with soft cheese mousse on butter-enriched crumbled biscuit.

67212 Mini sacher
Cod. 81712 | 100g Mini Sacher

Chocolate sponge cake stuffed with delicious apricot jam and covered with chocolate sauce.

81713 Zuccotto pistacchio lampone
Cod. 81713 | 90g Pistacchio zuccotto

Pistachio mousse with pistachio cream heart on cocoa sponge cake and raspberry sauce, decorated with white chocolate and chopped pistachio.

81715 Mini Mousse Limone ambientata
Cod. 81715 | 110g Lemon mousse

Soft lemon mousse on sponge cake base decorated with lemon sauce and white chocolate curls.

81717 Cheesecake Naked ambientata
Cod. 81717 | 80g Naked cheesecake

Creamy cheese mousse on a base of caramelized biscuit grains. Perfect to customize.

84051 cannolo siciliano
Cod. 84501 | 120g Sicilian cannoli

Crispy pastry roll filled with ricotta and decorated with candied fruit.

84502 Creme Carmel amb
Cod. 84502 | 100g Creme caramel

Flan made with milk, eggs, sugar, garnished with caramel and cooked in a bain-marie as per tradition.

85131 Tortino amb
Cod. 85131 | 95g Chocolate souffle

Chocolate souffle with a dark chocolate heart.

85140 Cassata mono
Cod. 85140 | 100g Sicilian cassata

From the Sicilian tradition: almond paste with ricotta and chocolate chips, garnished with candied fruit.

85401 tortino cioccolato
Cod. 85401 | 100g Chocolate lavacake

Chocolate soufflè with a dark chocolate heart.

84502 Bonet nude
Cod. 85402 | 130g Bonet

Typical Piedmontese cocoa cake characterized by the unique amaretto biscuit and a light note of rum.

85451 tortino bianco
Cod. 85451 | 100g White chocolate lavacake

Chocolate souffè with a white chocolate heart.

85452 tortino pistacchio
Cod. 85452 | 100g Pistachio lavacake

Chocolate soufflè with a pistachio heart.

87001 Pasticciotto Ambientata
Cod. 87001 | 130g Custard cream pasticciotto

A heart of delicious custard cream enclosed in a crumbly baked dough.

89001 Panna cotta amb
Cod. 89001 | 100g Panna cotta

Delicate flan made from natural panna cotta.