38004 Semifreddo Mascarpone ambientata

Rectangular-shaped cakes

38041 Salame dolce
Cod. 38041 I 1,2Kg Sweet salami

Cocoa, butter, sugar, eggs and crumbled biscuits proposed as per the Italian traditional recipe.

35099 Trancio Tiramis? amb
Cod. 35099 I 1,2Kg Ladyfinger tiramisù

Mascarpone mousse with ladyfingers soaked in espresso.

30060 Trancio rustica amb
Cod. 30060 I 1,3Kg Rustic cake

Layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee stuffed with mascarpone mousse.

35010 Stracchino duchessa amb
Cod. 35010 I 1Kg Duchess stracchino parfait

Tasty cream parfait, chocolate, almonds and ladyfingers.

38004 Semifreddo Mascarpone ambientata
Cod. 38004 I 1Kg Mascarpone parfait

Sponge cake base with Bavarese mascarpone, garnished with crumbled macaroons and melted chocolate.

38040 Trancio selva amb
Cod. 38040 I 1,2Kg Black forest

Soft chocolate sponge cake with zabaglione, enclosed in a shell of chocolate sheets.

10501 Sfoglia Cotta
Cod. 10501 I 600g Baked puff pastry

A crunchy sheet of cooked puff pastry, ideal for creating personalized recipes, both sweet and savory.

35004 Trancio nonna amb
Cod. 35004 I 1,4Kg Nonna's cake

A delicate lemon cream enriches a fragrant pastry with icing sugar and pine nuts.

35030 Trancio millefoglie amb
Cod. 35030 I 1,35Kg Millefeuille

Soft custard enclosed in layers of crunchy puff pastry.

30025 Trancio Fragolino
Cod. 30025 I 1,3Kg Strawberry cake

Delicate chantilly cream on layers of sponge cake topped with strawberry sauce.

30035 Trancio Limone
Cod. 30035 I 1,3Kg Lemon cake

Layers of sponge cake interspersed with cream and refreshing lemon sauce.

30039 Trancio Meringa
Cod. 30039 I 1,2Kg Meringue

Two layers of meringue enclose a soft chantilly cream.

35200 Zuppa inglese trancio amb
Cod. 35200 I 1,4Kg Zuppa inglese

Layers of cream and chocolate with sponge cake scented with alchermes.

38005 Delizia di mandorle amb
Cod. 38005 I 1,4Kg Almond delizia

An almond paste wraps a roll of sponge cake filled with custard cream.