Sorbetto al caffè versato da moka dall'alto


Sorbissimo Professional

The best of sorbets. Dedicated to professionals, the Professional line is available in different recipes to meet all needs. Its use is optimal especially thanks to the sorbet maker, but the convenience of Sorbissimo consists precisely in being able to be served as it is directly from the bottle. All versions are non-alcoholic and gluten-free.


Sicilian Lemon Sorbissimo Professional

Totally natural with a high percentage of lemon juice, strictly from Sicily.

Our recipes:

  • Cod. 210 I 1Kg Frozen product -18°C. 100% vegetarian.
  • Cod. 300 I 5Kg Fresh product +4°C. 100% vegetarian.
  • Cod. 310 I 5Kg Frozen product -18°C. 100% vegetarian.
  • Cod. 1801 I 5Kg Frozen product -18°C. Milk-enriched special recipe.

Coffee Cream Sorbissimo Professional

The selection of the best ingredients such as coffee and milk leads to the pleasure of this sorbet.

Our recpesi:

  • Cod. 101 I 0,5Kg Frozen product -18°C.
  • Cod. 212 I 1Kg Frozen product -18°C.
  • Cod. 433 I 3Kg Frozen product -18°C.
  • Cod. 1802 I 5Kg Frozen product -18°C.

Creamy sorbets

For those who ask for the best of creamy quality, a line of creamy-, always soft sorbets. They can be served as they are directly from the freezer, or from the sorbet maker after having thawed them for two hours at room temperature.


Tub 2,8Kg


  • Cod. 15101 I Lemon
  • Cod. 15102 I Green apple
  • Cod. 15103 I Coffee
  • Cod. 15105 I Tangerine
  • Cod. 15107 I Mango
  • Cod. 15108 I Ananas