60022 Cheesecake Caramello ambientata

Glass single-portions

60001 Cheesecake Cioccolato
Cod. 60001 I 110g Chocolate cheesecake

Soft cheesecake mousse on crunchy butter cookie and decorated with chocolate curls.

60002 Cheesecake mirtillo amb
Cod. 60002 I 110g Blueberry cheesecake

Cheesecake mousse over the traditional base of digestive biscuits and decorated with blueberry sauce and candied blueberries.

60003 cheesecake limone
Cod. 60003 I 110g Sicilian lemon cheesecake

Soft cheesecake mousse on crunchy butter biscuit decorated with a delicate Sicilian lemon sauce.

60004 Mattonella amb
Cod. 60004 I 85g Mattonella

Coffee and zabaglione cream, interspersed with biscuits soaked in espresso.

60022 Cheesecake Caramello ambientata
Cod. 60022 I 110g Salted caramel cheesecake

Cheesecake mousse over the traditional base of digestive biscuits and decorated with salted caramel topping.

60070 Yogurt Lampone
Cod. 60070 I 70g Yogurt and berries

Delicate yogurt mousse on a bed of raspberry sauce, decorated with raspberry sauce and crumbled butter biscuit.

60071 Cheesecake FDB
Cod. 60071 I 70g Wild berries cheesecake

Cheese cream topped with crumbled digestive biscuits and semi-candied berries.

60072 Mousse cioccolato
Cod. 60072 I 70g Chocolate mousse

Delicious chocolate mousse lying between two layers of crunchy cocoa biscuit.

60073 tiramisu
Cod. 60073 I 70g Tiramisù

Mascarpone cream on ladyfingers soaked in coffee, decorated with a sprinkling of cocoa.

Cod. 60104 I 100g White chocolate and mango parfait

Vanilla parfait on mango cream, enriched with white chocolate curls. Gluten free. Thawning not required.

Cod. 60105 I 100g Berries ogurt parfait

Yogurt parfait on a bed of berry sauce and enriched with soft crumbled meringues. Gluten free. Thawning not required.

60109 Tiramisù Prontofreezer
Cod. 60109 I 70g Semifreddo tiramisù

Soft sponge cake soaked in coffee, with mascarpone semifreddo cream and sprinkled with cocoa. Thawning not required.

60110 Cheesecake Caramello Prontofreezer
Cod. 60110 I 90g Semifreddo cheesecake al caramello salato

Cream cheese parfait on butter biscuit crumble, decorated with salted caramel sauce. Thawning not required.

60111 Cheesecake FDB Prontofreezer
Cod. 60111 I 90g Semifreddo cheesecake ai frutti di bosco

Cream cheese parfait on butter biscuit crumble, decorated with berry sauce. Thawning not required.

Cod. 60151 I 80g Yogurt and berries

Yogurt cheesecake cream on butter biscuit, enriched with berries and sauce.

Cod. 60152 I 65g Death by chocolate

Chocolate mousse interspersed with cocoa sponge cake and cocoa crumble, decorated with dark curls.

Cod. 60153 I 80g Gluten-free Tiramisù

Mascarpone cream and chopped ladyfingers soaked in coffee, decorated with bitter cocoa. Gluten free.

Cod. 60156 I 80g Three chocolates

Chocolate mousse, ganache and white chocolate mousse on cocoa biscuit crumble, decorated with chocolate curls. Gluten free.

Cod. 60157 I 80g Lemon tart

Biscuit crumble on lemon cream, decorated with whipped cream, lemon sauce and candied zest. Gluten free.

Cod. 60158 I 80g Cappuccino

Coffee mousse and cream on cocoa biscuit base, decorated with cocoa powder. Gluten-free.

60172 Cocco tropical amb
Cod. 60172 I 80g Tropical coconut

Above a fresh pineapple sauce, a pineapple-scented cream interspersed with coconut biscuit, decorated with coconut rapè and yellow sponge balls.

60173 Sweet mango amb
Cod. 60173 I 80g Sweet mango

Above a cocoa crumble, a sweet white chocolate mousse enriched with mango sauce and decorated with dark curls.

68301 Mascarpone Ambientata
Cod. 68301 I 90g Mascarpone

Traditional mascarpone dessert with chocolate base, finely decorated with dark curls and glazed amaretti.

68302 Mascarpone FDB Ambientata
Cod. 68302 I 90g Wild berries mascarpone

Mascarpone mousse variegated with strawberry sauce and decorated with berries.

68303 Mascapone e torta cioccolato Ambientata
Cod. 68303 I 90g Mascarpone e torta al cioccolato

Mascarpone mousse based on chocolate sauce, enriched with chocolate cake and sprinkled with cocoa.

68304 Tiramisù Ambientata
Cod. 68304 I 90g Tiramisù

Mascarpone mousse with sponge cake soaked in coffee and decorated with cocoa powder.

Cod. 68305 I 90g Profiterol

Soft cream puffs filled with cream and covered with chocolate mousse, decorated with dark curls.

68308 Zuppa inglese amb
Cod. 68308 I 120g Zuppa inglese

Refined pastry and chocolate creams decorated with ladyfingers scented with alchermes.

68315 Profiterol fondente e zabaione ambientata
Cod. 68315 I 100g Zabaglione profiterol

Fine cream of dark chocolate and zabajone, with cream puffs filled with whipped cream.