58020 Speculoos amb


50001 Crostata modena amb
Cod. 50001 I 1Kg Modena tart

Compote of Vignola sour cherries enclosed in a fragrant shortcrust pastry as per an ancient Modena recipe.

50050 Torta Meringa
Cod. 50050 I 0,8Kg Meringue cake

A classic Italian semifreddo, chantilly cream with chocolate chips enclosed between layers of crunchy meringue.

50100 Torta Brownie
Cod. 50100 I 1,6Kg Brownie

From an ancient medieval recipe a mix of chocolate, cocoa, eggs and roasted peanuts. The best way to serve it? Combining it with mascarpone mousse (Cod. 26050 I 2x900g).

58021 50105 torta gelato amb
Cod. 50105 I 0,8Kg Gelato cake - small

Layers of cream and chocolate gelato, decorated with whipped cream.

55005 Tenerina amb
Cod. 55005 I 1Kg Tenerina

Mix of fine types of cocoa with sprinkling of icing sugar.

55007 Cheesecake amb
Cod. 55007 I 1,1Kg Cheesecake

A tasty butter cookie encloses a sweet cheese dough.

55012 Torta nonna amb
Cod. 55012 I 1,5Kg (whole) - Cod. 58506 I 1,3Kg (pre-cut) Nonna's cake

A delicate lemon-scented cream enriches a fragrant pastry decorated with icing sugar and pine nuts. The cake is also available in a 14-slices pre-cut version.

55014 Sbrisolona
Cod. 55014 I 0,8Kg Sbrisolona

From the Mantuan tradition a cake with butter and almonds, to be broken strictly with the hands.

55040 Torta preferita amb
Cod. 55040 I 1,3Kg Favorite cake

Natural yogurt mousse with sauce and fresh berries.

55055 Tagliatelle amb
Cod. 55055 I 1,3Kg Tagliatelle cake

Shortcrust pastry, almonds and amaretti, finished with caramelized tagliatelle dough.

58004 Torta FDB amb
Cod. 58004 I 1,4Kg Wild berries

A fragrant pastry and a delicious chantilly cream form the basis of a rich layer of wild berries.

Cod. 58005 I 1,3Kg Ciocociok

Two discs of sweet bread enclose a delicate coconut mousse with chocolate chips and gianduja.

58008 Sacher amb
Cod. 58008 I 1,1Kg Sacher

Chocolate sponge cake stuffed with apricot jam covered with chocolate sauce.

58010 - Cassata Siciliana
Cod. 58010 I 1,5Kg Sicilian cassata

Ricotta cream enclosed in a marzipan ring with candied fruit and chocolate chips.

58013 Barozzina amb
Cod. 58013 I 1,6Kg Barozzina

Mascarpone mousse on chocolate cake base, decorated with dark chocolate sauce.

58015 Coccotella amb
Cod. 58015 I 1,35Kg Coccotella

Sweet coconut bread and soft hazelnut chocolate, enriched with natural coconut flakes.

58017 Torta pere e cioccolato amb
Cod. 58017 I 1,6Kg Pear and chocolate

Shortcrust pastry topped with chocolate cream and natural pears.

58020 Cremino
Cod. 58020 I 1,4Kg Cremino

Layers of hazelnut mousse and gianduja on a chocolate shortcrust pastry base.

58021 50105 torta gelato amb
Cod. 58021 I 1,55Kg Gelato cake - large

Layers of cream and chocolate gelato, decorated with whipped cream.

58022 Cheesecake ai frutti rossi amb
Cod. 58022 I 1,4Kg (whole) - Cod. 58512 I 1,4 (pre-cut) Red fruit cheesecake

A fragrant biscuit encloses a mixture of sweet cheese, with sauce and wild berries. The cake is also available in a 12-slices pre-cut version.

58025 Foresta nera fetta amb
Cod. 58025 I 1,4Kg Black forest

Three layers of chocolate sponge cake filled with zabaglione, covered with chocolate sheets.

Torta ricotta e pistacchio
Cod. 58027 I 1,3Kg Pistachio and ricotta

Ricotta and pistachio cream on cocoa cake base, enriched with a heart of sponge cake and decorated with cocoa biscuit crumble and chopped pistachio.

58020 Speculoos amb
Cod. 58028 I 1,3Kg (whole) - Cod. 58511 I 1,3Kg (pre-cut) Speculoos cheesecake

Delicious cheesecake cream on biscuit base, decorated with speculoos crumble and salted caramel sauce. The cake is also available in a 12-slices pre-cut version.

58035 Mousse ricotta e fragoline  amb
Cod. 58035 I 1,35Kg Ricotta and strawberry mousse

Mix of fresh cream and ricotta with sauce and wild strawberries.

58040 Pastiera napoletana amb
Cod. 58040 I 1,4Kg Neapolitan pastiera

An ancient Neapolitan recipe based on durum wheat, ricotta and candied orange cubes.

torta di mele
Cod. 58062 I 1,5Kg Apple pie

The most classic flavor of the fruits together with a fragrant shortcrust pastry, custard and apple slices.

58062 Torta mele amb
Cod. 58507 I 0,95Kg (pre-cut) Homemade apple pie

The most classic flavor of the fruits together with a fragrant shortcrust pastry, custard and apple slices. Pre-cut in 14 convenient slices.

58072 Ricotta e pere amb
Cod. 58072 I 1,55Kg Ricotta and pear

Two discs of sweet bread enclose a delicate ricotta mousse with pears in chunks.

Cod. 58601 I 2Kg (pre-cut) Fabulous cake

Soft cocoa sponge cake stuffed with chocolate mousse and ganache, decorated with pieces of chocolate. Pre-cut into 16 convenient slices.

58604 Torta cioc whiskey
Cod. 58604 I 1,8Kg (pre-cut) Chocolate and whiskey cake

Two discs of soft cocoa sponge cake filled with gianduja cream and whiskey cream, decorated with caramel sauce and caramel crumble. Pre-cut into 16 convenient slices.

58605 Lemon Pie ambientata
Cod. 58605 I 1,4Kg (pre-cut) Lemon pie

Delicious lemon cream on a soft pastry base, decorated with soft flambéed meringue. Pre-cut in 14 convenient slices.

59007 FDB grande
Cod. 59007 I 2,1Kg Wild berries - large format

Chantilly with berries and soft sponge cake decorated with a rich mix of berries. 35-portion cake.

59014 Nocciola grande
Cod. 59014 I 2,1Kg Hazelnut - large format

Hazelnut mousse finished with milk and dark chocolate pralines. 35-portion cake.

59015 Cremino grande ambbis
Cod. 59015 I 3Kg Cremino - large format

Delicious layers of hazelnut and gianduja mousse. 35-portion cake.

59016 Fior d'arancio grande
Cod. 59016 I 3Kg Fior d'arancio - large format

Orange and fior di latte mousse on white chocolate sponge cake. 35-portion cake.